environment - Sustainability


At Custom Developments we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by building our homes to be as energy efficient as possible. To achieve this we will be incorporating the following technologies into our latest project Trevow Place.

air source - Sustainability

Air source heat pumps

We will be installing air source heat pumps as they are significantly more energy efficient than traditional gas or oil heating systems. Air source heat pumps work by transferring heat absorbed from the outside air and converting this to heat your home, basically the opposite of how a fridge works.

SOLAR ENERGY - Sustainability

Solar Energy

By incorporating integrated solar panels into the roofs the homes create their own renewable electricity.

This renewable electric is then used to power the home.

ECOTRICITY - Sustainability

Octopus Energy

While our homes solar panels contribute towards the energy needs, we have signed up with Octopus Energy to supplier any additional power.

Octopus energy supply only 100% renewable electric, along with being the UK’s largest investor in solar energy, they provide a range of tariffs to suit your energy requirements.


My energi technology

My energi is a British company innovating and manufacturing green energy products to provide the latest technology for more sustainable living. The products we install work by prioritising the direction of solar energy through their smart technologies. These contribute to heating your home and charging your electric vehicle before exporting excess energy back into the national grid, therefore, consistently maximising your generated solar power and helping reduce energy consumption.

THE ZAPPI EV CHARGER - Sustainability

The Zappi: Ev Charger

Zappi is a solar energy compatible electric vehicle charger. This works as a standard EV charger but has optional charging modes to utilise any excess solar produced and divert it straight into your electric car.


The Eddie: Water Heater

Working in a similar way to the Zappi, the Eddie automatically heats your homes hot water supply using excess solar energy.


Predicted Energy Assessment

The addition of Solar panels, air source heat pumps and My Energi’s smart technology has resulted in our homes achieving a predicted A rated energy efficiency and zero carbon emissions.

We believe this is the future of property development and are committed to constructing quality homes which will help lower our impact on the environment.